Scotchman Ironworkers Introduction
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Scotchman Ironworkers


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Ironworker Component Tooling

Scotchman Component Tooling Ironworkers are the most versatile and dependable ironworkers available today. Scotchman's unique component tool design will accept a large range of standard tools and special tooling, and can be used as a power source where the customer builds his own tooling. Punch, angle, and flat bar shears are standard, but the beauty of this machine is that it can adapt to whatever your customer brings in the door.



Fully Integrated Ironworkers

Scotchman's Fully Integrated line of hydraulic ironworkers offers the ever-popular European design in which the punch, flat bar shear, angle shear, rod shear and notcher are all permanently integrated into the machine, thus eliminating the need to change tools between jobs. These machines also feature slug-less angle shears, removable rod shear blades and the flattest bar shear cut offered by Scotchman.



Dual Operator Ironworkers

Scotchman Dual Operator Machines have a hydraulic system designed to assure full hydraulic pressure and speed to both operators. The DO 70, DO 95, DO 120, DO 135 and DO 150 machines feature our versatile tool table design, and come standard with a punch, angle shear, flat bar shear and notcher. The DO 8514 offers a fully integrated European design that includes a rod shear in addition to the punch, angle shear, flat bar shear and notcher stations.



DO 70/110-24M
DO 8514-20M
DO 95/140-24M
DO 120/200-24M
DO 135/220-24M
DO 150/240-24M