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1270 DGP

14.5 kW / 20 HP motor
1270 x 610 mm /
50 x 24 inch capacity
Saw all structural shapes, including right and left miters
The Patented Design of the Peddinghaus DGP 1270 band saw delivers high speed sawing to all structural shapes and profiles up to 30 degrees right and left miters. The robust design provides fast sawing times, accurate miter cutting, and minimizes scrap with a unique “pivot from above” frame. The DGP 1270 is the proven productivity leader in the industry, ideally suited for high tonnage, productive work shops – the perfect companion to the Peddinghaus BDL 1250 drill line.
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DG 1100

7.3kW / 10.2 HP motor
1100 x 508 mm /
44 x 20 inch capacity
Weight Limit 8165 kg / 18,000 lbs
90 degree cutting
30 degrees right and left
The Peddinghaus DG 1100 miter band saw delivers fast, accurate miter cutting to structural shapes and profiles from 90 degree cutting up to 30 degrees right and left. The DG 1100 employs Speed Sawing technology that guarantees rapid sawing – with no operator intervention – and no flood coolant residue to impede production.
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PCBS 1250-810, PCBS 1250-510, and 800 Series

14.5 kW / 20 HP motor
67 x 1.6 mm /
2 5/8 x .063” blade
1250 x 810 mm /
50 x 32 inch capacity
Auto Feed Blade Feed compensation
The Peddinghaus 1250-810 is the industry benchmark for Speed Sawing by incorporating a large 1250 x 810 mm – 50 x 20 inch capacity. By employing the technologies of one touch operation – with Auto Feed Blade Feed compensation, the 1250 delivers the fastest processing times in the industry. The 1250 – 810 remains the perfect complement to the Peddinghaus BDL 1250 or PCD 1100 structural drill lines.
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14.85 kW / 20 HP motor
67 x 1.6 mm / 2 5/8 x .063” blade
800 × 600 mm / 30"×23" capacity
The Peddinghaus 800-600 straight cut band saw brings the power and efficiency of a large saw into one compact and economical package. With a touch screen control that allows for simple parts programming, integrated material bundle clamping and a mist coolant system the 800-600 is a machine that fits perfectly in any shop environment, large or small.
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260 Series

1.5kW / 2HP motor
300 x 260 mm / 11 x 10 inch capacity
90 degree cutting
30 degrees right, 30 degrees left
Stepless cutting pressure regulation with end of cut sensing and head return.
As the newest addition to the bandsaw lineup, the 260 DG has some big shoes to fill... but with a footprint this small that would be quite a feat! With a 10"x11" capacity and a 2HP motor, this small saw can be a useful tool in any fabrication facility. Add an integrated chip box, micro-mist coolant system, end of cut sensing and automatic head return and you have an unbeatable value.
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