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Ocean Clipper CNC Angle Line


The Ocean Clipper CNC Angle Line is absolutely unique in the marketplace, and it is the most compact CNC angle line that is capable of processing steel angle sections up to 6'x6'x5/8" (150x150x16mm).

What sets this Angle line apart from all the others is that it uses a drill spindle in combination with the traditional punch and shear that is typically found on other angle lines. By using a drill/punch combo, the punch and drill can be positioned directly opposite each other - something that is not possible with traditional punch systems.




This allows the entire machine size to be reduced, making the Ocean Clipper CNC angle line the most compact CNC Angle line in the world. The end plates containing the punching and drilling stations are only 16" apart and the overall length of the machine (excluding the feeding roller conveyor) is less than 3ft".

Because the drill and the punch are in-line, holes in both legs can be made without having to jog the material forward, something that has to happen on regular angle lines.

This shortens the overall processing time significantly and it also makes the "drop size" the smallest in the industry at only 8-1/8" completely eliminating the need for a welding station.



Despite its compact size, the Ocean Clipper CNC Angle Line is designed for heavy duty work in the toughest fabricating shops in the world. It uses the same hydraulic spindle as found on the Ocean Avenger Beam Drill Line.

This virtually bulletproof drill spindle is 13-3/4 HP and drills through 5/8" steel in less than 5 seconds. And being hydraulic makes it almost maintenance free.

Maximum hole diameter is 1-9/16"

The 75 Ton Hydraulic Punch is One of Peddinghaus's standard heavy duty units and its punching cycle is less than 2 seconds. It has a maximum slot size of 1-1/4" (Standard 270)

Standard inexpensive Peddinghaus punches and dies are available from Ocean machinery.

The robust 100 Ton Double Cut Shear has a cycle time of only 5 seconds and shears steel to 5/8" thick, with a drop of only 1/2"


For 4x4x3/*" angle or smaller an optional single cut blade will eliminate the drop

With the Ocean Clipper CNC Angle Line, Peddinghaus and Ocean Machinery have succeeded in creating a powerful yet compact clip angle processing machine that eliminates another costly labor area in steel fabricating.