Messer Cutting Line Introduction
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Messer Cutting Machine Line



Our TMC4500ST is a robust gantry system that will support virtually any combination of processes you need, such as:

-Multiple types of plasma torches
-Rotator Infinity Plasma Bevel
-Oxyfuel torches
-Drills and markers, and more
-Available in widths from 10' to 28' and lengths from 10' to 200'.

Titan II
Our Titan II gantry system features multiple processes that yield superior part quality affordably. This machine supports beveling in plasma and oxyfuel, including the Rotator Delta Plasma Bevel. Available in widths from 8' to 14' and lengths from 6' to 100'.

A large gantry machine that will provide high accuracy, repeatability, and durability. This machine can be equipped with multiple carriages and up to five separate processes such as


-Precision and conventional plasma
-Rotator Delta Plasma Bevel
-Available in widths from 8' to 24' and lengths from 6' to 100'.

MetalMaster Plus
This smaller all in one machine utilizes conventional and precision plasma to produce excellent cut parts. This machine provides unprecedented accuracy and repeatability, as well as the productivity and reliability that all MG machines provide.
Available in widths 6' and 8' and lengths from 10' to 30'.
The rugged frame can support one plasma station and six oxy-fuel stations. It features MG's newest CNC control the easy to use Global Control S.
Available in widths from 6' to 10' and lengths from 13' to over 50'.
This versatile, rigid machine with dual-side drive supports up to two plasma stations or up to six oxy-fuel stations. Featuring MG's newest CNC control the Global Control S that allows novice operators to master machine operation with minimum instruction. Available in widths from 6' to 12' and lengths from 13' to 80'.

This smaller machine takes up less space in your shop, but maximizes your productivity. It features:

-A rugged unitized steel table/frame
-Full capture bearing assemblies
-Low mass aluminum beam driven by dual brushless AC motors
-Available in widths of 6' to 8' and lengths to 12' to 24'


Please give a call for additional product details, specifications, and price.